Past Talks

2019: Overflow

Morning Talks (Tony Rowbotham):

Evening Talks (Paul Grimmond):

2018: From Dust To Glory

Morning Talks (Derek Hanna):

Evening Talks (Peter Jensen):

2017: Out Of The Heart

Morning Talks (Richard Gibson, principal at Brisbane School of Theology):

Evening Talks (Steve Nation, formerly chair of Ignite committee):

2016: The Book of Life: Finding Fullness in God’s Word

Morning Talks (Mark Baddeley on Systematic Theology of God’s Word):

Evening Talks (Richard Gibson on Hebrews 1-4):


2015: At One Ment: Enemies Made Friends

Morning Talks (David Cook on Galatians):

Evening Talks (Charles Gajus on Systematic Theology of Atonement):

Afternoon Workshops and Q&A:


2014: Church Matters: why you should serve it for the rest of your life

2013: Prayer

2012: Worship Matters

2011: Mission and Evangelism: to the ends of the earth

2010: Heaven and Hell: from here to eternity

2009: On Solid Ground

2008: Creation, Chaos, Christ

2007: No Compromise