Conference Details

About Ignite:

Ignite Training Conference (ITC) is an annual Bible-teaching and training conference in Brisbane, open to any Bible-believing Christian of any background, age, and ethnicity. ITC belongs to the family of QCCA conferences, is modelled after KCC’s NextGen Conference. The conference is about igniting your head and heart with challenging, Jesus-centred Bible-teaching, singing, prayer, and fellowship, and training you to read and teach the Bible through the lens of the Gospel. ITC also gives you the opportunity to meet and grow with Christians from all over Brisbane for 5 whole days.

In 2017 we moved to a more central location – the BST campus at 1 Cross St, Toowong.

See here for the conference program.

Strand Groups:

Strand groups are the training centre of ITC; strand sessions run for 2 hours each morning. ITC is designed so that ideally, delegates return for at least 3 years to complete each strand in succession. At registration, please select Strand 1 if you’ve never been to ITC (or NTE) before. Strand Groups are about equipping Christians with these tools:

  • Strand 1 – Exegesis: Learn how to accurately read, understand and even teach a Bible passage.
  • Strand 2 – Biblical Theology: See that the entire storyline of the Bible is about salvation in Jesus, and identify how any given Bible passage fits into this story.
  • Strand 3 – Systematic Theology: Work out what the Bible says about a given topic.
  • Strand 4 – builds upon and applies the techniques learned in Strands 1-3; 2019 strand 4 will be released soon.

Bible Talks & Speakers:

Our 2019 conference is titled “Overflow” focusing on a theology of the Holy Spirit. Paul Grimmond (Dean of Students at Moore Theological College) and Tony Rowbotham (AFES Worker at Griffith Christian Students, Gold Coast) will be the speakers on this topic.

Afternoon Workshops:

These are run Monday – Thursday afternoons, by people experienced in diverse ministry areas. They provide ministry exposure and help delegates gain practical ministry skills for passing the Gospel on to others.

Night Talks:

Workers and others are warmly invited to join us for the Conference night sessions on Mon-Thurs nights, beginning at 7:30pm sharp. This year, we encourage night visitors to RSVP their anticipated attendance. Details will be released on the week leading up to the conference.

There is no cost to attend, but donations to the ministry of ITC are greatly appreciated. Donations may be made on the night or by IFT to Ignite Training Conference – BSB: 034069; Acct: 817487.  NB. No dinner provided.

A note from the Board:

ITC is hard work and hard core. You give up a week of uni holidays or annual leave plus registration costs, your brain will be drained, and you’ll go home tired each night! But you will also be pumped full of God’s amazing living word, trained in how to pass it on to others, and quite possibly your life will be changed as God’s Spirit works in and through you.

We’re praying for you as you plan to come, and look forward to seeing you there – bring a friend with you!