Conference Details


Ignite Training Conference (ITC) is an annual Bible-teaching and training conference in Brisbane, open to any Bible-believing Christian of any background, age, and ethnicity. ITC belongs to the family of QCCA conferences and is modelled after KCC’s NextGen Conference. The conference is about igniting your head and heart with challenging, Jesus-centred Bible-teaching, singing, prayer, and fellowship, and training you to read and teach the Bible through the lens of the Gospel. ITC also gives you the opportunity to meet and grow with Christians from all over Brisbane for 5 days.

Strand Groups:

Strand groups are the training centre of ITC; strand sessions run for 2 hours each morning. ITC is designed so that, ideally, delegates return for at least 3 years to complete each strand in succession. At registration, please select Strand 1 if you’ve never been to ITC (or NTE) before. Strand Groups are about equipping Christians with these tools:

  • Strand 1 – Exegesis: Learn how to accurately read, understand and then teach a Bible passage.
  • Strand 2 – Biblical Theology: See that the entire storyline of the Bible is about salvation in Jesus, and identify and understand how any given Bible passage fits into this story.
  • Strand 3 – Systematic Theology: Work out how to determine and understand what the Bible says about a given topic.
  • Strand 4 – This year’s Strand 4 will focus on how to write a Bible study series.

Morning Sessions:

Part of the ITC program is to hear clear Bible talks that model the disciplines of Exegesis, Biblical Theology, and Systematic Theology being taught in the strand groups. Our 2023 conference will see Tim Omrod (Staff Team Leader at Griffith Christian Students, Gold Coast) teach from God’s Word from Acts 1-10 on the important topic of “Mission in a world that doesn’t care”.

The morning sessions will also include singing together, various spots and interviews, and a time of guided personal and small group reflection.

Afternoon Seminars:

Over the afternoons of the conference, workshops are presented by theologically-trained church or ministry workers. These run for 90 minutes with the aim of further equipping delegates through practical ministry skills, ministries exposure, and applied and pastoral theology.