Welcome to Ignite Training Conference!
Save the date: 16-20 January 2023!

Watch this space for details as we we get closer to our next conference.

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Conference Details


Ignite Training Conference (ITC) is an annual Bible-teaching and training conference in Brisbane, open to any Bible-believing Christian of any background, age, and ethnicity. ITC belongs to the family of QCCA conferences, is modelled after KCC’s NextGen Conference. The conference is about igniting your head and heart with challenging, Jesus-centred Bible-teaching, singing, prayer, and fellowship, and training you to read and teach the Bible through the lens of the Gospel. ITC also gives you the opportunity to meet and grow with Christians from all over Brisbane for 5 whole days.

Strand Groups:

Strand groups are the training centre of ITC; strand sessions run for 2 hours each morning. ITC is designed so that ideally, delegates return for at least 3 years to complete each strand in succession. At registration, please select Strand 1 if you’ve never been to ITC (or NTE) before. Strand Groups are about equipping Christians with these tools:

  • Strand 1 – Exegesis: Learn how to accurately read, understand and even teach a Bible passage.
  • Strand 2 – Biblical Theology: See that the entire storyline of the Bible is about salvation in Jesus, and identify how any given Bible passage fits into this story.
  • Strand 3 – Systematic Theology: Work out what the Bible says about a given topic.
  • Strand 4 – builds upon and applies the techniques learned in Strands 1-3.

Morning Sessions:

Our morning sessions include singing together, hearing from various Gospel work in the world, a time in God’s Word, and a time of guided personal and small group reflection.

Afternoon Workshops:

These are run Monday – Thursday afternoons, by people experienced in diverse ministry areas. They provide ministry exposure and help delegates gain practical ministry skills for passing the Gospel on to others.

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1. Transport & Parking

There is street parking available on Cross Street close to Brisbane School of Theology.

2. Is it catered?

The registration cost includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Please ensure you let us know about any dietary requirements when you register.

3. What denomination is ITC?

Ignite Training Conference is open to any Bible-believing Christian of any background, age (school leavers and older), and ethnicity. ITC is a member conference of the Queensland Christian Convention Association which is an interdenominational ministry.

4. Format of conference – Can we stay overnight?

ITC is a day conference, meaning that delegates do not stay overnight. However, billeting can be arranged for delegates coming from out of town. Please contact us as early as possible to arrange this for you.

5. Am I too young / too old to attend?

ITC is for school leavers and older. We welcome Bible-believing Christians of any background, age (year 12 graduates and up), or ethnicity to attend and learn from God’s word together.

6. Can I come part time?

To fully benefit from the conference training , part-time options are NOT available except under extenuating circumstances. Please talk to your church contact if relevant, or contact us to discuss this.

7. How do I obtain promotional material?

Flyers are available by contacting us. Electronic copies can be found here. We are also sending a promotion pack to each of our networked churches.

8. I have other questions – how do I get in contact?

Please use the Contact Us page.

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